Used Pets Cages/accessories for Sale

Clearing away some of my unused cages and some used/unused accessories at reasonable half price or 70% less off.

They have been laying in my storeroom for so long…it time to remove them!

Used items

1) 71cmx46cmx85cm Alex 3storey Chinchilla chrome Cage, condition 7/10

2) 2×2 ft Acrylic Chinchilla Cage 7/10

3) 70cm length Rabbit/Guinea Pigs Cage, top opening only 6/10

4) Used / unused chinchilla 16″ running melanine wheel, 7/10

5) ferplast 100cm Dwarf/guinea pig cage , 9/10

Contact me for actual pictures to I cant afford pre-viewing before deal…maybe not for fussy buyers.

Unused items

1) Wooden hay rack

2) edstrom valve 32oz water bottles

3) superpet glass 32oz rabbit bottles


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