Chinchillas for Adoption

Currently I am looking for adoption with a small fee for one of my youngest I have.

Scotch is a standard Grey, Sex: Male, DOB: 30052006.  He is around 600gm size if I am not wrong.  He is currently staying in 24hrs aircon environment. He is pee pan trained, healthy and active boy.


I am looking for experienced chin lovers who is sure u will take care of him for the next 10-15years may email with a short description of yourself.



  1. Hey! Is this chinchilla still available for adoption? My family and I are hoping to get a chin and i am looking are there any adoptions available before going to the pet shop. Though i do not have a chinchilla before, but i had been reading up on how to take proper care of it and currently the pets in my house are rabbits and hamsters only. Hope to add a chinchilla in my pets family. Hope to hear from you soon.

  2. Hello, i’m really interested in adopting your chin, but cant find the email address to mail you. Hope this will do, or you could get back to me with the email add i’ve provided.

    I’m Bell, 22 this year. I’m a pet lover, used to have rabbits and hamsters for a few years (sadly, short lifespan). Sadly they left me some time ago. My bf and i have been looking around to for a new companion. And came across your ad about Scotch. We feel that he is exactly what we’re looking for and we’re able to provide him with a comfortable environment, as well as love and care. I’m a still a student, on holiday now, which mean i could spend more time to help scotch adapt to his new surronding now, as well as take care of him. I’m sure he’ll feel at home, and be well taken care of. My bf and i had read up informations about chins, and think we’re ready to have them. Get back to me soon.


    • Bell:
      We are still compiling all the mails that come in.
      The response was overwhelming.
      We will let u know later.

  3. Hi, followed the link from forum. I am a work at home male age 26. I am interested to adopt your chin if still available. I used to have a violet girl and a standard grey male. Both have passed on about 2 yrs back after livin a min of 8yrs. It has been some time since they left me but was 2 depressed to get others. Recently have been missing the feeling of those adorable chins and am seriously reconsidering about adopting/buying one. Please let me knw through my email if ur interested in lettin me adopt. Thanks..

    • Despite being overloaded for the time being, we have to put all our adoption options on-hold.
      The main reason is the alarmingly high fatality rate for some of the latest adoptions.

      We are still sad for the losses as most have been with us for quite a number of years already.

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