Recent pictures of chins

Pictures of some of my chins early in the morning….



  1. Ohh…so CUUTE!!! How do you maintain your chinchilla’s fur so white? My mosiac boy’s white fur is turning a bit yellow. I let him sand-bathe every alternate days.

    • Hmm….I didnt do anything special. He will get his dustbath once a week. I clean their cages and wipe their base area everyday.
      He and his cagemates are all pee pan trained so they only pee in their litterpan.

      • I see…I sweep his cage twice a day, clean his pee pan once a day and wipe the cage base once a week. Noticed his genital area a bit stained. I do have a bubble detergent meant for small animals for cleaning them. I haven’t try it on him yet. Think I can start using it. I look forward to new postings on your blog. Thank you for sharing!

      • oh if u talking abt the pee stains at the genital area, it is normal to be stained once in awhile, but after dust bath, the stain will lighten and they dont look so obvious anymore.

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