Collodial Silver – For the Health of your Pets

Silver has been used through the ages as an antibacterial solution for burns, infections etc.  The uses of silver are many but of one of best way to keep your pet safe from diseases is by implementing silver into the water.  The uses of silver can virtually eliminate the use of antibiotics on your pets.

1) All purpose Board Spectrum Anticeptic

Use to disinfect cages, equipment and tools.  Spray into cages and do not need to remove animals.

2) Loose droppings

Pets can be treated by adding 2drops of CS into water.  Mostly Moldy hay has also contributed to loose dropping problems.

3)  Infected Eyes

Any kind of eye infection or eye matter problems, 1 drop of CS into each eye, morning and night.  Usually the problem will resolved 1-2days.

4) Fungus

Saturate CS onto the entire affected area and surrounded fur wet and let dry.

5) Wound and skin conditions

Treated with CS on the affected area wet and let dry.

*Anyone interested in getting a bottle of CS are welcome to email me.  Price of CS will be S$30.


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