My Violets line

During the holidays, I found some times to weight my chins and realised that my violets weighted over 930-970gm which is it would be a loss if I stopped this line . I started to ponder if I should continue…and happened that I met a friend online that night, I asked if he have a any VC and surprisingly I HIT the jackpot!!



    • I dont think I will have any as I am always been on the whites and violets. But will look out for u if I happen to know there is one available.

  1. hooray!!!! finaly….hahaha !!!! then when u take frm ur frd the v.c ??? i made reservation first!!! n tell meirong, i happen 2 c two black velvet in the net at gumtree. but baby ard 3mth. so happy 2day… so wonderful….hahaha

  2. Hi Sammi, thank you for your reply. I would want a female for pairing with my male mosiac. I would prefer the babies they produce be of a variety of colours. I know ebony and mosaic will result in high colour combinations. Is there any other colour you recommend? I prefer black eyed chinchillas though. I really would love to adopt your chinchilla if you have one to let go. Happy New Year to you!

    • Infact I don’t see any ebony or black velvet + white will give u alot of colors? They are interesting black/white colors such as white ebony or tov ebony but chances are always low.

      I just keep alook out for u if there are other colors u prefer.

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