Cellsorb Plus Recycled Paper bedding USA *new*

We are currently trying out this new recycled paper bedding. Product from USA. It is very similar with back2nature (product of Australia) bedding in appearance. So far quite gd. Will feed back again on the final product.

Retail price: $38.90 (buy 2bags @15%off)



  1. Hi ppsamm,
    I’m using recycled paper from Cats Litter. My chinchilla likes to chew and eat part of the bedding pellet. I told the vet about his habit and she said it’s alright as paper is rather inert. My chinchilla seems fine. Do you think it’s a problem? Thank you.

    • so far if u don’t see them eating alot as thought like food, it shouldnt be any problem I feel. I have heard many owners’ chins have this problem, the weird thing is I have only 1 or 2 of my chins do that ……the rest dont…mostly they do it on the recycled paper bedding….but not the wood pellet bedding.

  2. Thanks ppsamm. He doesn’t eat a lot of the bedding. Just like to chew a bit off the bedding and eat it once in a while. I would like to drop by your shop at lavender one of these days. Been wanting to go long time ago but just couldn’t find the time. This Sat I’ll be free. I’ll go down before 5.30pm.

    • Tat is fine.

      We have just changes our operating hours from 12noon to 530pm on saturday and sunday since we have alot customers and friends feed back that our operating hours are difficult for them to drop by.

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