Midwest – Ferret Nation Single-Level Cage

Often Ferret Cages are very popular cages used for chinchillas due to the big space and tall height that chinchillas need.  Recently I have some customers enquired about Ferret Nation.  A Very popular Large Cage used for Chinchillas pet owners in USA.

Below is a single level cage and the good thing about this cage, u can add in a 2nd unit on top and expand the living space.

We could do Pre-order only.

Estimated shipping 4-5weeks.

Price:  S$650nett

(Optional: $200nett for ferret 2.5″ Galvanised Metal Pan)

Add on 2nd level set: TBA

*The price stated is Not a Confirmed Price.  Price may change prior without notice.


Product Description:

Designed with Ferrets & Owners in Mind . . . We watched very closely how ferrets play, eat, sleep, interact – attending to their every need for maintaining a contented, happy and safe lifestyle.Then we began designing the best environment as well as the most user friendly ferret cage in the world. The result being Ferret Nation a complete and feature filled habitat providing Full-Width Door Openings ; one-hand operation Dual Locking Door Latches ; Wide Shelves and Full Platform Pans for maximum play area; Swing- Up Locking Ramps that securely separate ferrets for feeding and care, as well as, the very best Fit and Finish -resulting in the finest, long lasting, easy to maintain Quality Home for Your Ferret . The World’s Best Ferret Habitat – Ferret Nation

  • Ferret cage with wide expanse shelf and plastic pan floor
  • Ferret-proof dual-locking door latches for simple one-handed operation
  • Appropriately angled ramp; points for attaching accessories
  • Stand with locking casters; pan, shelf, and ramp included
  • Measures 36″ x 25″ x 38.5″;

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