Dental Care & Oral

The incisors of Chinchillas, Guinea Pigs or Rabbits continue to grow throughout their lifetime and if they are not worn down through regular gnawing or grinding, the teeth may overgrow and result in more serious problems. Coarse vegetable matter or tough fibrous roughage that require extended chewing or grinding will naturally wear down and keep teeth at an appropriate length.

The boys going crazy for them!!
Maple and Neko enjoy their new wood toy each time I replenished.

Chew toys or hard textured dental treats can also help promote natural wear of teeth while providing stimulating activity as well as variety. The teeth of your pet should be examined routinely for abnormalities. If you notice abnormal growth, or if your pet drools, has difficulty chewing, is eating less or shows pain when touched around the mouth or head, consult a vet.

We always have a hanging toy in our chinchilla cages and we offer a chew stick a day or alternate days to all my chins.

You can find that we offer a unique line of woods and other natural products that we used for our pets at our store. Toys your pets will love to destroy.

All of the woods are pesticides free and cleaned by patient hands. The Bark is left on for chewing pleasure. All Natural ~ No Chemicals have ever been used.

We have a large variety of wood sticks, whirlies and Wood Chew Toys such as their popular favorite apple, crab apple, pear, kiwi, grape wood and others safe woods eg. mulberry, willow, ash, cotton. hackberry.