Mazuri Chinchilla Diet = Free samples

New shipment of Mazuri feeds are here.  Supplier are generously giving FREE SAMPLES for this premium feed.  Anyone in singapore who is interested to test out how this feed and how good it works on your chins.  Send us your contacts to request for samples.  U can copy and paste with your contact infos in the comment box below or via email:





No. of chins owned:

Brand currently your chins feeding on:

A complete ration in pellet form designed especially for all phases of a chinchillas life-cycle.


  1. Hi there – I used Mazuri for a couple of years for my 9 chins, but I have since switched to Kay-tee Forti-chin diet. They seem to like it much better. I still add 1 cup of oatmeal, 1 cup of standard oats (they sit and peel and eat them like an old man at a baseball game, complete with tossing the shells to one side) and 1/2 cup of dried cranberries to each 5 pounds of Kay-tee. Mazuri is okay – but I think it is a lower quality. Just my humble opinion

    • I am surprised by your comment!

      Mazuri is a complete nutrition feed that do not required to supplement will still do good. It is a highly recommended feed from many of the chin owners here or in USA. Chinchillas are simple to keep them in good shape with just good quality pellets and hay.

  2. Sorry, I didn’t mean to sound so harsh. Mazuri is a decent chin food – better than most. I just find my little furry village prefers the Kay-tee Forti diet better. I also have to watch the hidden corn content of the food, I have 2 chins with diabetes. I think between the two – they are both good foods and it really comes down to critter preference and availability.

    By the way – you can check out my guys and gals at Silly Chinchilla Village here on wordpress.

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