FAKE Blue Cloud Dust ?!?

I have came to know from a few of our customers, that there are unscrupulous sellers who claimed and are selling Cheap blue cloud dust.  And to their surprised, the cheap blue dust they bought are actually NOT blue cloud dust.

Do BEWARE! Many chin lovers who wanted to give their pets BEST stuff end up with buying some low grade bathsand.

U can purchase our Repacked 2lb size at $25nett for all ipetsonline members, or we also have Special Mail Order for our busy customers.


What is the difference in blue cloud compare to other commercial chin dust?

Compared to other products, Blue Cloud Dust is gentler and the fine dust coats each hair and removes moisture and odour from the fur.  Blue Cloud Dust has no sharp edges, compared to normal sand, which can damage your pet’s coat. It is completely natural, there are no chemicals added during processing. Your pet’s coat will look and feel like velvet after dust and your chin look in condition longer than many other dust used.

If u prefer some other LOWER PRICE alternative, the next one on our Recommendated list is KAYTEE CHIN DUST.

If u prefer some COARSER SAND due to health & your allergies, u can try mixing blue cloud with sluis Bath sand.

Blue cloud available in our ipets store are REPACKED from original bulk bag.

Blue Cloud Chinchilla Bath Dust, the most recognized chinchilla dust bath in the market used by professional chinchilla ranchers, breeders and owners for both regular bathing and/or for preparing their chinchilla for show. Blue Cloud is a fine, all natural dust bath that will give your chinchilla a beautiful shiny clean coat free of oils and moisture.


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