Beneficial Herbs

While herbs are a safe treat for chinchillas, guinea pig and rabbit, it is recommended to give in moderation – only a pinch is recommended . If you want to stay on the safe side and not to endanger your pet, stay in very small quantities.

1) Dandelion (twice weekly)

blood purifier, stimulates digestion, helps with chronic joint diseases, helps with liver disease, anorexia, gallbladder ailments, detoxification, digestive disorders, blood purifier, flatulence, tooth enamel, digestive complaints, diuretic, stimulates the metabolism, milk-promoting, kidney and bladder disorders.

2) Echinacea – coneflower (once weekly)

a high content of active ingredient positive stimulating effect on the immune system in throat, nose, ear and respiratory infections, urinary tract infections, inflammation, viruses, fungi, superficial wounds.

3) Nettle (once weekly)

Nettle can be beneficial because of its ingredients (vitamins C, K, calcium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, silica, tannins, serotonin, histamine) in feed-related deficiency symptoms on the skin, joints and allergies.  Also purifies the blood, promotes hair growth, stimulates metabolism, helps with urinary tract problems, appetite, stop bleeding, diarrhea, promotes the formation of blood, expectorant, strengthens the immune system, relieves pain in birth.

4) Jerusalem artichoke & Milk Thistle (once weekly)

A high content of minerals, vitamins, health benefits (especially vitamin E) and promotes the regulation of the digestive tract .

5) Plantain (twice weekly)

Help to stabilize the digestive functions, especially in stomach and intestinal disorders.

6) Parsley & Dill (once a month)

Heal cold, Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal effect and can help relieve bloating and abdominal pain.

7) Peppermint Leaf

To treat general digestive problems, colic and to reduce the production of gas in the intestine. It also helps to increase the appetite.

8 ) Rosehips & Hibiscus flower

A good natural source of vitamin C.

10) Chamomile

a relaxing sleep aid for insomnia, digestion/intestinal conditions, skin infections/inflammation (including eczema), infantile colic, to treat fevers, reduce cough, to increase appetite, and minor stomach problems caused by indigestion. It’s also a great calming herb that also has anti-seizure/anti-spasm qualities.

11) Hawthorne

Hawthorne is highly recognized as a superstar herb for the heart and cardiovascular system.

12) Oregano

Oregano is known to have strong antibacterial properties, a powerful source of many antioxidant and vitamins.

13) Marshmallow Roots

uses include that of diarrhea and indigestion; helpful in almost all problems related to inflammation of the digestive tract; including peptic ulcers, hiatus hernias, mouth ulcers, enteritis and colitis.

*Please note that medical herbs, flowers, leaves, etc. have an side effect and may not be offered in large quantities.



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