Malocclusion & Dental issues

When you have a dental problem chin or malo chin, it is always heart breaking when you know malo is incurable.  it’s more of a delay of the inevitable.  There is a difference betweem malo chins and chins who get points, chins who get points need to be filed on a sporatic basis, they have no set schedule, eat on their own for the most part, they get spurs and ulcers in their mouth causing drooling and they can go every 6 month, to a couple of years between filings. Usually after trimming, they recovers almost immediately or stops drooling right after surgery and resumes eating on his own 2-5 days post surgery.

Beanie, dental x-ray

I lost our gal Debbie for dental issue in July 2010. Now I have been dealing with dental issues for the 2nd time since last september. Beanie who have wave-mouth and her teeths are misaligned and loose.  After much research and advice from experienced owners I talked to,  I choose to use an full extruded pellet mix instead of a normal pellet for Beanie.  She like them and she is to be able to eat the extruded pellets more easily than normal compressed pellets.  I need her to crunch and chew to gain weight and not loosing more. I also tried mix forms of forage so that the chin have to use their grinding surfaces and keep grinding her teeth down. The most important thing I want is help to prolonged the time due for next filing and  so she could live for a longer happier life.

Beanie 2nd day after her 2nd teeth filing.

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