What Chinchilla DUST is SAFE?

What Chinchilla DUST is SAFE? 

We pampered our chinnies just like you! Why take risk to use unknown dust that may cause health hazard to yourself and your chins.

1) Blue cloud DOES NOT contain NO arsenic, NO lime, or NO free silica. Blue Cloud is a by-product of mining down in Saugus (Southern California) so it has whatever minerals are deep in the earth of Saugus.


(We are the ONLY SUPPLY that have constant supply of blue cloud dust shipped from USA for our chinchillas. *Please beware of Unscrupulous chin seller for FAKE blue cloud in the sg. pet store)

2) If Blue Sparkle = Kaytee dust?  what make it glitter? – it’s SAND (pulverized) quartz. Volcanic ash particle structure is amorphous and contains no free silica.

3) Sweet PDZ is very low in free silica but no natural zeolite is without some
degree of free silica, It works great as a deodorizer/ammonia/dampness absorption.


Silica is the mineral name for Quartz. Rose quartz, clear quartz,  star quartz, Sandstone, and almost all sands found are made up of silica.


Respirable crystalline silica (quartz) can cause chronic silicosis, a fibrosis
(scarring) of the lungs. Silicosis may be progressive; it may lead to disability and death. Acute Silicosis can occur with exposures to very high concentrations of respirable crystalline silica over a very short time period, sometimes as short as a few months. The symptoms of acute silicosis include progressive shortness of breath, fever, cough and weight loss. Acute silicosis is fatal.

b. Cancer: Crystalline silica (quartz) inhaled from occupational sources in sufficient concentrations is classified as carcinogenic to humans.



  1. Hi,
    If we give our chin blue cloud rock to chew, we don’t need to need to dust her anymore? How much is a packet of blue cloud rock and sand bath each? Is it safe to leave our chin at home alone if we’re oversea for 4 days? How much do u charge if we leave her with u?

    • no, weekly dust is still required. The rock is sort of an entertainment for the chinnies where he could enjoy the fun dust and chew and bath.

      no, it is not safe to leave them alone while u are away. u need to have someone to feed and check on the chins while u are away….or put them to someone care or boarding house.

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