Extruded Feed for Chinchillas

I have decided to put this feed on my website for people who need it. It is a recommended feed in UK for chinchillas especially for those that have dental problem.  Beanie, my Dental chinchilla have been in this diet after her 2nd filing and so far it was showing very good results.  The poos are very healthy in shape and color. There are very good increase in her weight and best of all, the feed keep her teeth in shape and control now.

I am glad to see that she is enjoying her special diet everyday.

This extruded diet with blend of beneficial herbs is highly palatable. 19% high fibre diet are very important for a chinchilla’s digestive system. This extruded pellet with added Vitamic C an essential daily requirement greatly help to wear down continually growing teeth. Linseed is another important ingredient to ensure their soft coats stay glossy and in good condition.  Hay and water should always be freely available.


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