Small Pets Lodging Services (For month May/June 2012)

More than 10 years of Passion and love for animals have led us to what we are today.  As an experienced Care handlers for pets such as HAMSTERS, CHINCHILLAS, GUINEA PIGS and RABBITS, we are confident to offer TEMPORARY LODGING for you who need experienced care taker to take care of your pets while you are away. We will lodge your pets in our vicinity for them to stay. U should not have worries about where your pets is living and have your vacation with ease!

For more hassle free services, u can also engage our Pet transportation (pick up and return to your home @$40 onwards) or Grooming services at a reasonable price.

What we offer:

Basic Cages Accomodation, litter/bedding, feed, hay (we use oxbow/mazuri) and water, u just need to check in your pets in a pet carrier

* DAILY CARE:  Fresh Hay, pellet and water are provided daily. Amongst this lots of love and attention. HYGIENE: Each day, we take care of having cage spot cleaned or fully cleaned if needed.

*For Existing medical conditions pets, you need to discuss with us prior to booking in so that we can make arrangements to accommodate their needs.  Additional charges of $2 per day per pet, apply for special medication services.

For one chinchilla (*Dust bath included for stay more than 5 days)/ u are entitled our Special Grooming Price if you engage our grooming service)
Stay Per Day (24hrs air con environment) – $6

For one cavy (u are entitled our Special Grooming Price if you engage our grooming service)
Stay Per Day – $6.50 without veg/ $8 with veg

For one Rabbit (u are entitled our Special Grooming Price if you engage our grooming service):
Stay Per Day – $8 for more than 7days stays / $9 for less than 7days stay

For one Hamster (with owner’s cage):
Stay Per Day – from $3

CHECK IN and OUT at 809 French Road #02-178, between our operating hours (2pm to 545pm).  We are closed on every Tuesday/Public Holidays.

Welcome to email or Call us at 91442944 for enquiries and booking.

Notes to owner:

* We accept no liability, if your pets became unwell during their stay and if a veterinary trip is needed. Owners will be responsible for any costs incurred. Veterinary guidance and treatment will be followed in your pets interest.

* Upon check in, do ensure your pets in good health.  Any pets showing signs of respiratory problems, skin conditions or parasites will unfortunately not be able to stay with us. This is for the benefit of your own pet and for the other pets in our care.

* For the safety and hygiene of your chinchillas during their stay, we strongly advised that they are housed in cage with no jumping ledge during their stays.



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