New Mutation

Locken/Curly chinchillas were already early in the history of the chinchilla breed. Perceived as independent mutations are relatively new and were reinforced for the hobby market and it is still currently fraught with weaknesses, especially for strength, health and life expectancy.

The first high-level breeders in the U.S. dedicated to this mutation in 2007. Jim Tucker and Tamara Ritterspach have grouped together a small group of curls chinchillas to the United States imported from Germany.  These two breeders have begun the first one outcross curls chinchillas (English outcrossing) to expand the relatively small gene pool.  They have found

  • the mating of curls curls x chinchillas resulted in even locken/curly fur in the following generations.
  • the curly gene was found to date only in conjunction with the ebony mutation.


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