Herbal Chinnies life – 100% Organic and Natural

100% Organic Vitamin C. Very safe and can be used as a treat for your little furball. Great when use a treat to train your chinchillas too.
100% Organic Herbs.                                                                    Safe for all small pets as a supplement for over-all well being. Herbs are part of the natural ways to improve or maintain your pet’s health. However, it is dangerous to self-medicate as many herbs may be detrimental to health if used together or at an incorrect amount. For example, having too much oat can cause severe constipation, that could kill your beloved pet. Our herbs source are safe and organic, not any normal unknown source from pesticide sprayed or heavy metal contaminated countries such as China. Our own chins benefited from this old chinchilla herb formula from chin breeder.
Happily enjoying the herbs supplement without any fighting!


  1. congrats on your new move! found your website on pinterest and loved browsing.I live in allentown Pa a little ways from your place was wondering do you ship to homes or only other shops? I have 3 chinchillas 2 males a 1 female. Looking into redoing their cages like the ones on your website was interested i where some of the stuff could be purchased if you knew? thanks my email is


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