Differences in Chinchillas from Europe, Holland,USA, UK or Local breed?

There is actually no difference, should the chinchilla is from which country eg. holland, UK, USA or local breed in Singapore.  Many chinchillas found in our Singapore Pet stores are Pet Quality.  They are breed locally for business in the Pets market or they are imported from Pet Suppliers/Pet Export Dealer from USA/Europe/Holland.

What to Look For when buying a chinchilla from local pet store in singapore?

  • Bright, wide-open eyes, with no signs of discharge or flattening of fur around them.
  • Clean ears, held erect (unless chin has just been woken up!!)
  • Nose – clean and dry.
  • Genital/anal regions clean and dry and free from soiling.
  • Fur should be velvety and plushy-looking with no matted or bald areas.
  • The chinchilla should feel firm and solid and certainly not bony when handled.
  • The front incisors should be even and chisel-shaped, and a yellow to orange colour (if the chinchilla is adult).
  • Droppings should be of normal appearance (dark, smooth, plump and oval)

WHY Quarantine is important?

It is imperative that when buying in new chinchilla, please quarantine them in separate room for at least 8weeks. New chinchillas should be attended to last and owners should thoroughly wash their hands as soon as they have dealt with the chin(s). Good hygiene is essential during the quarantine period.

This process is essential for both the new chinchillas and the existing chinchillas. A lack of quarantining can have potentially fatal results and some disease processes or infections do not present themselves until after 4 weeks.

Give the new chinchilla a chance to become settled into their new environment. Moving from one environment to another is very stressful – even if the chinchilla does not appear to be stressed and looks very relaxed. (eg, Giardia can be triggered to multiply causing disease during stress – it is a protozoa which is present in low numbers in healthy chinchillas and can cause a variety of problems from mild diarrhea through to death of several chinchillas at it’s most extreme.)

During the minimum 8 week period, you can establish a base-line of the new chinchilla’s temperament, eating habits, and character. This is vital for you to recognise changes in its behaviour and signs of (impending) illness/problems.


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