Review on Sunseed Chinchilla Blue Cloud Dust

Recently, Sun seed Chinchilla Blue Cloud Dust are available in Singapore now. It cost so much less for a bottle.  Here we were excited and wonder if they are the same as the Original Blue Cloud Dust (Show breeder Grade) from the Blue Cloud Mine in USA, we carried.

from left (top quality blue cloud (breeder grade)
right (sunseed blue cloud dust)

BUT after used, we found is it DIFFERENT quality.

Sun seed Blue Cloud Dust is definitely lower in grade and only once after dust u need to discard.  It is NOT as fine and soft.  It does not penetrated and dusted as good as the original Show Breeder Grade we have carried.  But it is a good 2nd choice for Daily dust and work better than any other blue cloud claimed dust from any Chinchilla shop in Singapore.


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