Every time we finished grooming a chinchilla, we fell a glowing happiness in ourselves and great satisfaction for job well done. We can also feel this joy from the smiles  of the chinchillas and the owners themselves.

1044084_530702753633819_1560946930_nFor those who have not groomed their chinchilla before, grooming helps the chinchillas by keeping them healthier and clean. It reminds the chinchilla that they are loved and the need to keep themselves clean.

It also remove the dirt, dead fur and urine stains that stick on the fur.  The bonding is also closer as owners are more willing to stroke and bond with their chinchillas. Nobody would like to carry a smelly and sticky chinchilla.

Finally it keeps them cool in the current warm weather spell in Singapore. Cool air are able to penetrate the thick fur and cool them. Chinchilla does not have sweat gland, so any form of cooling is important for their health.


A Happy Chinchilla is a healthy chinchilla.

Start your transformation cycle with us now!.


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