Grooming Charges for SMALL PETS 2013

Welcome to make your booking with us.

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Specialized in Grooming for Small Pets only

(Chinchilla/Rabbit/Guinea Pig)
For SMALL PETS Grooming:
$25 Guinea Pig Basic Grooming
$25-30 Rabbit Basic Grooming includes
1) Dry/Powder Bath
2) Nail Clipping
3) Ear Cleaning
4) Brushing
5) Basic Shaping & Trimming
6) Check for mites/skin issues etc
$35 Guinea Pig Full Grooming
$35/45 Rabbit Full Grooming includes:
1) Dry/Wet Bath & Blow Dry
2) Gland Cleaning
3) Nail Clipping
4) Ear Cleaning
5) Brushing and Detangle*
6) Full body Scissoring, Shape & Trim
7) Stain & Matt Removal*
8 ) Check for mites/skin issue etc
$25 Chinchilla Dry/Full Grooming
$45 Chinchilla Wet/Full Grooming includes:
1) Bath & Blow Dry
2) Ear Cleaning
3) Removal of Matt & Dead Fur
4) Show Grooming and Detangle*
5) Stains Removal
6) Check for fungus etc
*Extra charges $5-8 per pet for serious matt removal and detangle.
(**Wet Bath can be very stressful for Rabbit & Chinchillas. Do Seek our recommendation when choosing dry/wet bath for your pets)


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