toss toys?

shred toys?

hang toys?

Picture30122013 189
One of our boarding chinchilla that enjoyed our chew sticks from USA more than anything else. He basically throw away Alex Apple sticks Origin from China.

What exactly is the difference between these toys?

Hanging toys are going to be around for longer than just a day or two, they attach to one spot in the cage so that they cannot be easily moved around. Toss toys can be moved around the cage and may last awhile, but usually don’t have the permanence that the hanging toys do. Shred toys or shredders are meant to be destroyed right away within a day or hours or even minutes. The chins love them but they aren’t going to be a fixture in the cage. They won’t be there for long, unless the chin decides that he or she doesn’t like them.

Rotate out toys in the cage for others when the chin gets bored, for sure. Toys serve two purposes

1) Keeps chins stimulated and occupied and

2) encourages chewing and wear on teeth to help keep them at proper length and in good condition.

If you have a chin that chews the bark off of wood and tosses the sticks, you could go with natural wood hanging toys, it will keep the sticks in the cage.

See how winnie loves her new chew toy!!
See how Winnie loves her new chew toy!! She chewed the bark and shredded them up during the nights.

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