10 Ways to know if you are a “RABBIT MUM”?

rabbitmummy1.You would rather spend money on your bunnies than your partner.

2.You just bought a new toy or treat for your bunnies and you can’t wait to surprise them.

3.Before you leave for work in the morning, you checked on your bunnies a few times and say goodbye to them about more than 3 times.

4.You rush home from work because you can’t wait to see them.

5.When you reached home from work, you always greet them with a BIG smile and BIG hug.

6.If your friends ask how your bunnies are, you realised you are still talking about them 30 minutes later.

7.When you go on holiday, leaving them makes you feel sick to the stomach.

8.You write a 15 page essay of instructions to the person who will be looking after them while you are away.

9.You want to ring every day while you are away to check they are okay.

10.If your work colleagues talked about their children, you join in the conversation talking about your rabbits and compare how similar they are to their children.

Congratulations you are 100% a certified RABBIT MUM.


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