Brace yourself for a heat wave!!

Warm temperatures are recorded around Singapore in recent weeks. Some reported heat stokes in chinchillas and rabbits. We hope all of them get well soon. Some did not make it. *Sad*

For those still having their love ones, to take action now for your chinchillas.

1)Keep them indoors with air-conditioning.(set temperature atleast 25C)

2)Get a thermometer to measure the surrounding temperature. (you are not a walking thermometer)

3)Sand bath them more frequently. (it helps to reduce heat in the body but cannot remove all the heat)

4)Wrap yourself up with 3 layers of clothes when you enter your chinchilla room. (that is less than what your chinchilla is wearing)

warm weather singapore, ipetsonline,ppsamm
warm weather singapore, ipetsonline,ppsamm

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