New Chinchillas Friends #momofamily

Introducing our 2 new chinchillas, Duke and Duchess. We were so delighted to have 4 pedigreed ECBC Show Quality Chinchillas (美国赛级龙猫) from USA in so many years of rearing chinchillas. They will be feed on high quality pellets, mazuri(马祖瑞龙猫粮) and quality timothy hay (提摩西牧草) as usual.

Here we recap of highly recommended feed and cage accessories to have when you are a new chinchilla owner…
1) high quality pellets, mazuri(美国马祖瑞龙猫粮)
2) Quality Timothy Hay (提摩西牧草) & Alfafa hay (紫花苜蓿草)
3) 美国龙猫冲凉粉 Gold grade BLUECLOUD dust
4) 磨牙棒苹果枝 USA organic Apple sticks
5) Ceramic House 龙猫瓷窝
6) Cooling House 非常消暑屋
7) Blue cloud rock 蓝云磨牙石火山灰原石
8) Cage cleaner disinfectant 味消毒液祛味消毒液
9) Hammock 吊床
10) Cooling plate/granite/marble slats 散热板 散热跳台

Stay tuned for more updates on…. #momofamily #CHINCHILLA


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