Learning and share

End of last year, we got ourselves busy with a social project for chinchillas. We had decided to share what our little knowledge that we acquired from all the nice people around the world.We also hope to have people get the correct information on caring for their chinchillas with all conflicting information out in the digital web. How they going to use and share this information , we leave it to their own discretion.

We called it “Sharing about chinchilla: Know-How” session. It was a challenging feet for me atleast.I had no previous experience in public speaking and had to toughen up to face lots of people who came. We planned for a one hour session over the weekend. But it seems, our sessions always ended only 2.5hours later. All we talk about is how to care for your chinchillas. After a few sessions, we decided it had to go on. There is so many people with chinchillas for a long time still have problems with caring and handling of their chinchillas.

The session also need a place to be held. Places like community centers and homes come into the picture. But we could not agree on it. It needed a place that can accommodate pets and have air-conditioning to cool everybody down. Cost also need to be low. Luckily our nice neighbour moved out recently. The only problem is we just have to managed with the small room. We had it decorated to with all their nice pictures we acquired. It was much more difficult than it seems. We got some chairs and tables too. I think we had spend near to $1000 just for a simple setup and tiring few weeks.

We had it advertised. We placed a token fee $20 for the registration. In return, all of them also got a goody bag with the equivalent value to the fee. Nothing for them to lose. We just need them to attend the sessions on time, because everybody in it took time off from their busy life. We were glad everybody was so accommodating and on -time.

The content of the session sounded pretty simple. Caring and handling of chinchilla, every experience owner should be able to do it. I did up a simple list of my topics. We had a few sessions by now. It was tough. Many owners bought their chinchillas from inexperienced breeders or shops. Some of these shops have vet assistants to help sell chinchillas. Others have trained chinchillas or warm climate acclimated chinchilla. We had so many questions. Some asked whether European chins have diseases. Another one have some doubts about handling. The chinchilla just returned after a run.

We shared a lot of information with each other. We had lots of fun!!! We had some handling demo and get everybody to handle their chinchillas. It was lots of laughter and joy. Chinchillas overload!!! We also got everybody to check their chinchilla for hair ring. Old “Tigger” need a monthly hair ring check so he was our best choice for demo. at the end of each session, everybody spend a fulfilling 2.5 hours session here with their chinchillas.

We were glad now that we have started it. We hope someday somebody from class will run the class or something like it and share about their chinchilla. Lets have more fun together.










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