Responsible Pet Ownership

“Responsible pet ownership” the topic seems simple to many owners and breeders alike. What it defines seems to have different meaning to all of them.Before getting a new pet for yourself, do take note of these 5 pointers:


1.The pet is for a lifetime

In Singapore, our society have changed from one that chases dogs away when we encountered one to a more pet loving society. Many of us don’t grow up with animals and see animals differently. Over the years, we find that lots of owners buy animals for many different reasons. For whatever reasons we are having now, always remember “A PET IS FOR A LIFETIME“. Like a child. we are responsible for its food, well-being and care.

2. Not all breeders/shops are responsible breeders

Singapore does not have animal breeders association to help regulate breeders and retailers. We do have a very regulated on animal imports and shop licensing but so little on pet ownership responsibility. In one of the largest chain of pet stores in the island,many owners , me inclusive encountered animals in stores were care incorrectly or not up the standards. Due to that, there is this little myth about “Holland Chinchilla” going around the community. But the alternative is not rosy, we still see reputable breeders selling chinchillas with specific genetic defects such as fits and malocclusion. Shops and breeders are not all responsible breeders.

3. Not all veterinarians are small animal experts

Small animals such as rabbits and chinchillas are not common animals exposed by many veterinarians. Over the years, we have seen many veterinarians making simple mistakes that we don’t often see in good veterinarians. Many are not small animal savvy vets,notably the one in AMK. Always visit a chinchilla savvy vet even it takes an extra 30 mins to reach there.

4. Learn to spot the truths from the myths

The internet is like a big pool of knowledge out there. But there are also benefits and pitfalls that we often encountered. There are more blog sites than every before. It seems that many carry so much misinformation of pet care that following them is just irresponsible. We have to step up to have more people sharing correct information. Learning correct knowledge from correct people is more paramount than ever before.

5. Never too late to learn

In fact, responsible pet ownership environment is a community effort. We ourselves are doing our little bit and hope many will step up for their part. There are many people with pets doing their self injustice by not learning the correct things. Learning is forever –  I am glad many have step up recently just show they were being responsible owners.

We have a few who came to our class and appreciated the sharing sessions we held.We hope one day one of them will step up and conduct the sessions. But there is so much more need to be done by all of us. We hope we live to see the day when it happens.


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