Life matters

Life is hard and difficult , it is full of challenges and conflicts. If i had to start again, i may have give up on it early on. But looking at the hungry pigeons this afternoon picking on bread crumbs make me realised life is full of wonderful things. And, We had been part of this journey for more than a decade now and hope there are more years to come.

This month, it has been pretty amazing. bus.jpgWe were on a trip and had an amazing time there. It is pretty amazing now everywhere around the globe you have so many chinchilla enthusiast and breeders. I hope the next trip i get to arrange and meet some little chinchillas lovers away from home. It will definitely in my bucket list for next year. Just add your name, country (email) in Singapore Chinchilla Club

Today, we had a dusting session for the chinchillas. It had been some time since i had excess blue cloud dust to use. The little furries just love them and i like that they are fluffy and happy2.5-lbs-chilldust too. It is still an amazing product indeed. But I may be trying out the new “Chilldust”soon. Recently i got a bag from Jason shipped to me last month. I heard so much of the good qualities of the dust. It does not sit too long on the fur and sparkles like a fiberglass. The other good thing is that the chinchilla room does not look like a sand storm passed through after dusting session. I heard it is good for people who had allergies with chin dust earlier. Hope to update you all later on it.

It has been rrain.jpgaining cats and dogs here since a few days back. My little shop had a loud straw cat crying for food these few days. He is so fluffy and vocal when you called for him.He is missing for 3 days now. I hope he is well fed and safe, most likely the owner came back from their holiday. My neighborhood cats population has just increased too. Raining days just prevented some of the feeders to drop by. So everybody looks hungry and tired when we got home. But we glad that the new old cat has recovered so much from malnutrition and bad skin. It would purr when he sees us now. It just a pretty amazing scene. Just make my day after a tired day at work.

We are glad this week too, so many people dropped by for their hay  We just got new templehaysupplies of American Pet Diners, Oxbow, Momi here too. Thanks all for dropping by. Our friends have been so supportive of feeding their little furries with 80% hay diet that many of them are still alive and well. We are just grateful of your trust and in return we always keep good hay supplies for them. Today, we heard from our delivery guy another new hay supply coming in this week. I am so excited. Will update everybody soon.

We had a few people enquirtimothy gold.jpged about our long-strand American Pet Diner. They are actually longer stand of APD hays compared what you get from the 5lbs boxes. They are also not Momi Hay too. They are not cut in the same way and are of different quality too. Our chinchillas just love them. Can’t have enough to supply to everybody because they are limited in supply  and can be more expensive too.

I am glad the rain is here. There were few incidents of heat stroke last month during the hot and warm spell in Singapore. Our stay-cation chinchillas were much luckier. They just sleep and sleep these days. Holiday is around the corner these week. Wish all the Buddhist out there a Happy Wesak Day.








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