Life Matters

Today is just another zombicide day – no or little sleep last night. An egg with a slice of bread can provide so much energy that can keep you awake at 3pm. Under my earphones, i can still heard shreeking sound of teeth scratching the chinchilla house in my room. It has been a crazy few nights here. That’s also part of the reason no horror movies at night now when you have chinchillas in the room.

Not the same pigeon

A fat pigeon just passed today. Probably hit the wall of the 17 story building or run over. Not sure but he sure did not moved when it was picked up in the middle of the road. Sad! Probably why my neighbourhood cat came over. More scratching here please she says. Saw a few marks at the side that healed. Most likely had a fight with the new skinny male cat recently. The rain just make them hungry and aggressive. Nobody seems to feed when it rains.

Just filled up my baskets today with the new shipmDSC_0276ent of sticks and toys. Everybody loves them at home. Thanks to our friends for shipping them fast and furious. I am grateful for them. These are all organic non pesticide wood sticks.the other day,somebody came to ask for Australia wood sticks, we asked around some friends. It seems that Australia do not allow wood shipment without a permit. Not sure where you get them from. I bet many non-animal friendly people out there trying to make a quick buck here. Beware!!! Not big bucks for me. I try not to source my wood sticks supply from polluted and pesticide countries such as China and India. Many places are highly polluted. Early last year I came across an article of two rachina-environmentbbits passed after consuming some wood sticks. If you have not read about pollution before, here is a good read about it here.  I bet many have not even seen the amazing “Ünder the Dome “documentary by Chai Jing. I added the youtube link here. It is an amazing piece of documentary that everybody must see. It has been viral in the web since it was launched. Last few days the haze was back even after the heavy downpour.

Time after time we do heard of people complaining of their chinchilla or rabbit diet. food_beetles_austria_hannesSingapore is a warm and humid country. Even pet food can turn bad from the heat and humidity around us. A friend left her pellets out in the balcony for 2 weeks was shocked when she found some bugs crawling out of the Oxbow bags.When you find a lot of mites or bugs crawling in them, always disposed them. Most likely they may have contaminated the pellets and fungal or bacteria most likely have resides themselves in it. If consumed, they may cause serious digestive problems. Better safe and sorry. Do keep them is a cool, dark place and safe from bugs. If your home is humid too, the pellets will also become moldy. That is bad too!!! Throw them away.

mazuri elder
This is so adorable.

We have been using Mazuri for a long time and never had problems on them for a long time. Primarily it is because I had taken good care of my pellets and keep them to only current batch. Tried the rabbits pellets too. Amazing product – a friend who is on it won a prize in one of the rabbit show this year. They just grow well and much cheaper than other show rabbit brands we have here in the market.  Never leave your pellets open in a storeroom too. They get moldy and bugs do love to hide in them too. Keep them well.May the force be with you.








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