Kansas City Rescue

KC Pet Project took in a dozens of chinchillas from a breeders home. “She had to be moved into a home and so her daughter was contacting people in the area trying to find placement for all of the animals,” said Fugate from KC Pet Project. “Once we saw the home they were living in, we just knew we had to help.”

Kansas CityThe rodents were kept in filthy, hot conditions. Their soft fur was left matted and tangled.

“A lot of them have significant mats all over their bodies. Their hair is very, very matted, so it’s going to take some time to brush out and make their coats healthy again,” said Tori Fugate of the KC Pet Project. “Some appear to have fungal infections.” One did succumbed to the heat.

The home where they were bred was filthy and had no air conditioning. The breeder’s daugther said her mom could no longer care for them.Many of the rodents will need veterinary care, serious brushing and foster homes. The female chinchillas will need to be monitored for four months to ensure they’re not pregnant.


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