Chinchilla: Where is it?

Chinchilla_sign-fixedThis is not the place we would imagine. Capital of Chinchilla??? Nope totally of the charts.

Chinchilla is this remote town located in the Darling Downs region of Queensland, Australia. Situated approximately 300 km west-northwest of Brisbane.  Chinchilla is known as the ‘Melon Capital of Australia’, you can arrange for a private charter with Seair Pacific to this unique location daily.The Melon Festival is held biennially. No kidding!!!

Excerpt from their melon festival site:

Situated less than 300 km from Brisbane, this small, thriving community has progressed a Mapgrain crop based economy to the dynamic region where coal and gas exploration and power station development projects go hand-in-hand with extensive feedlots, cotton and broad-acre farming.

Chinchilla is ideally located for those who wish to escape to the pristine beauty and rustic experiences of the Western Downs. The Warrego Highway provides the most efficient way of getting here for the visiting motorist.

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