Surabaya Zoo: Badly Managed

Surabaya_ZooLast month a critically endangered Sumatran elephant has become the latest of casualties in one of Indonesia’s ill-maintained zoos. The female elephant, called Yani, died in the city of Bandung on Java island Wednesday after falling ill a week earlier.

Wildlife activists are calling it the “Zoo of Death” as many animals have perished at Indonesia’s biggest zoo and are demanding an overhaul of its management. Most of them are crowded into cages and enclosures far too small for them, and they also face a shortage of proper feed.

Looking at the latest pictures circulating of a thin tiger chewing on plastics, Yani will not be the last one.

On 28 January 2014 Surabaya Zoo authority announced that the zoo has a collection of 3,459 animals from 197 species, but 81 animals are sick, disabled, and old, and 44 of which are in severe conditions.

There is an online petition that gathered more than 800k calling for the Indonesia President to close the zoo. Link here




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