China: Ping An A Fu saved 800

To Rescue or Not.

That’s what we have to ponder daily in my line of work. Over a decade, we have encountered many pet animals that may need help and rescue. Save some when we are able to, but we can only do much alone and can’t save everyone.Besides my pets, we have still with us a few chinchillas and cats on our care and feeding routine daily.  But what we can only do now, is advocate the community to do more for their own pets.pinganfu Singapore have changed so much over the years but our community and government need to learn to respect life of an animal. We are still a long way from it.

This week,  few days from #stopyulin.

A group of “Ping An  A Fu” volunteers save 170 dogs and 700 cats in one rescue mission.

pinganfu2Another recent case of 2000 cats shipped in tiny crates in a single truck was rescued few days back.  One volunteer commented that they have to spray water on them to cool them when they carted them out. Most of them were cramped inside crates without food and water for 4 days.

This is a video on the organisation and facebook page



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