Dangerous Liason

“It looks adorable”

Thats the expression we gave when we first saw a group of animals together in shows – much like a mini zoo.

But in reality, it is dangerous for all the animals involved. They fight and sometimes can result in injuries, and deaths in some cases. Another point is SARS have taught us cross animal transmission of disease is common and rampant. Most pet animals have no immunity to diseases that are common in another animals. So it is dangerous for them to be together.

Do put in some thoughts when you put them out together. Non resident chinchillas in my home are also always segregated. Safety before fun.No gross or violent videos below.

Not so happy bunny.

Chinchilla chasing a cat. The other cat chasing the chinchilla – causing slip fur.

With Humans too!!! Be careful, you might step on them.

They are also aggresive to random items on the floor too!


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