Macaque: Mdm Prema’s Chippy (update)

A week ago, somebody reported of macaque nuisance at Lower Kent Ridge Park.

mrs Prema macaque

Chippy was caught as a result.

Currently, he is in captivity under rehabilitation in ACRES.

NParks spokesman comments was  AVA and Acres working collectively was to rehabilitate the macaque in order to wean it off human meals and “reverse the monkey’s dependence on people”.

“The rehabilitation course of often takes a couple of months, although it differs from monkey to monkey”

Ought to rehabilitation fail, would Chippy be send to a sanctuary overseas?

They noted that Chippy is a local wildlife. “Normally, the Authorities and Acres don’t help the export of native wildlife abroad,” she stated.

According to wildsingapore, it is common for culling of monkeys caught near natural reserves. LINK

(Updated)Based on old reports, AVA culled 570 monkeys in 2013, 440 of them in 2014 and 630 monkeys in 2015 alone. Based on MP Mr Louis Ng, these accounted to one third of the monkeys in Singapore.

Looks like he did not get a second chance in Wales Ape and Monkey Sanctuary after all.

We pray for your safety CHIPPY! Please do not put Chippy to sleep if rehabilitation fails.

(updated 24/8/2016) Since last week, ACRES Facebook page has no update or comments to verify NPark updates or report of receipt of Chippy for rehabilation.


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