Hygiene: Chinchilla Ears

Q: I read that you can help chinchillas clean some of the dirt out of their ears with oil and cotton balls.


A1: I could be wrong but I’ve never cleaned my chinchilla’s ears, they shouldn’t need it. They are unlike rabbits, chinchillas don’t usually have oily ears.

Unlike cats and dogs that can get dirt in their ears from being outside and digging chins should only be inside and the only “dirt” like stuff they are exposed to is bath dust.

A2: I wouldn’t stick anything in a chinchillas ears. In 12 years I have never cleaned out a chinchillas ears. Sticking an object in a chin ear canal may do more damage by injuring it.

A3: Don’t put objects in a chin’s ears. You can clean grimy stuff on the outside of the ear with an edible oil like corn oil or jojoba oil. I’d stay away from mineral oil.

Never stick a q-tip in the ear unless there is a real reason to do it.

Q: I saw some flaky stuffs inside the ear. How do I cleaned the dirt out?

ear-mites1A1: If there is buildup in the ears it could be a sign of an ear infection and/or ear mites, in which case I’d go to the vet.

A2: Sometimes it could be Fungus. Fungus is not very fun. It spreads quickly and is a pain to get rid of. Most often it occurs when we have a damp environment like Singapore, unhygienic environment, poor air circulation or stressed animals. They can also spread to human. Never use human fungus powder, they are toxic to chinchilla.


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