Family Therapy: I need a Magpie

We just came across this amazing story of Penguin, an orphan magpie who stayed with a family for 2 years during their difficult times.

Little about Penguin (from

Instagram account: Penguin the magpie

Penguin was just a small, wobbly-headed magpie chick when my son, Noah, found her lying injured on the grass after being blown out of her nest, located some 20 metres up a towering Norfolk Island pine tree. She was very lucky to survive such a horrendous fall but without immediate care would have died within a day.


They make a book out of the 14,000 picture taken during the challenging period. Its called Penguin Bloom. All the photographs were by Cameron Bloom and the book written by Bradley Trevor Greive.

Amazon, BarnesandNoble

Penguin The Magpie Story begins



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