Dust it away

Today it was a cold day. It has been raining for 4 days in the week now.

Usually our little chins will start showing signs of bad hair day by their 4th day. That’s me..I just picking on their little bad fur, although they would be doing fine in many homes. I just pour two tablespoon of my precious dust into the dust bin. I never recycle them. After dusting my whole herd, it feels like the water in the bath had turned brown and mucky. We had a little fungal problem many years back due to recycling. Since 8 years back, we had not gone back to our old days.


We are still using Blue Cloud Gold dust.One of our little ones had an eye allergy after using one of the samples. It went away after we switch back to our old dust. So I guess we are not getting them anytime soon.


By the way, if you are not aware Oxbow Chinchilla Dust Poof! is officially Blue Beauty now. We spotted it a few months back and we kept some stocks on them for our friends. Some of them got a good deal on them end of last month. What are friends for – someone to share our joy!!! They are similar in quality just a little sparky. Tried them, my little ones were just as happy. Mama just like the Gold dust better 😛


If you need the old bottles, we still have them in limited quantity. Keeping for our good friends.


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