Small Animal Boarding Charges 2017/2018

More than 10 years ago, we embarked on a lovely trip for 2 little roborovski hamsters. Little did we knew, this journey we undertook will bring out our passion and love for animals and led us to what we are today.

We are not your ordinary pet carers and handlers for small pets. Years of passion, love and caring for them had led to us acquiring the knowledge and experiences in identification, caring and handling small pets such as:
What we offer for you is a PEACE OF MIND of your little furries, while you are away from work or vacation somewhere around the world.


1. PEACE OF MIND – We are experienced care givers and knowledgeable in caring, identification of early sign of illness and handling of small furries. Knowing that your little furries will be pampered, feed with correct nutritional needs and be treated with an experienced veterinarian in times of illness will offer you a PEACE of MIND.  of your little furries. ENJOY VACATION WITH EASE!!

2. QUIET AND SERENE ENVIRONMENT FOR LIVING – Our temporary boarding services inclusive of Standard Individual Cage Accommodation, Pelleted Paper Litter & Bedding, High Quality Feeds (Oxbow pellets for Rabbits & Guinea Pigs / Mazuri pellet for Chinchillas & Unlimited Fresh Timothy Hay) and Clean Drinking Water.  All our boarding pets will be staying in quiet, clean, cooling and serene environment.

3. LOTS OF LOVE AND ATTENTION – Your pets are periodically monitored and look after with lots of love and attention as if they are our own pets. Their cages will be clean daily – soiled bedding will be removed and replaced with new ones and their cages will be cleaned thoroughly. Food and clean water will be feed or replaced twice daily. With some interaction from us, you will be assured that they are living here with the peace of mind of their own too!

4. EASE OF HASSLE SERVICES – You just need to check in your pets in a pet carrier. You do not need to bring over many stuffs during your pet boarding. All the necessary stuffs for comfort living is provided. If you have difficulty coming to us, we can come to you. engage our PET TRANSPORTATION (pick up and return to your home @$60 onwards) or have your pets CLEANED & GROOMED at a discounted price.

5. REGULARS COMES WITH PRIVILEGES – We value our regular customers and offer them special privileges. Members enjoy special prices when they board with us. Note: All our rabbits and guinea pigs boarding for members are inclusive of daily ration of vegetables. Grooming services engaged upon check out during boarding will be also at discounted prices.

5. ONE PRICE EVERYDAY – Our popular boarding services comes with one flat rate charges whole year round. No hidden cost or holiday special charges. Your pets enjoy the same comfort, love and care all year round.  Early birds daily charges as per below:

$4.50 (owner’s cage)

[New Member] $9.00
[VIP Member] $8.50
(Chinchilla Dust bath included for stay more than 5 days /24hrs air con stay environment)

[New Member] $10.00
[VIP Member] $9.00

RABBITS (Spacious Cage Stay)
[New Member]$11.00
[VIP Member] $10.00

RABBITS (Large Pen Stay)
[New Member] $15.00
[VIP Member] $13.00

*Additional service +$4/ per pet ( 30min run time daily )

*NOTE: Any late booking made from less than 10 days before check in date, there is an additional $1/day on top of Early Bird Rate above for all.


2pm – 545pm
Closed Every Tuesday & Public Holidays (including Eve of Xmas & Eve of New Years day/ Lunar New Year)

Blk 333 Kreta Ayer Road #01-30 S080333 – Walking distance from Outram/Chinatown MRT.

Note: Pet Transportation Services on selected areas only are usually available between 730pm – 930pm.


Notes to owner:

* Medical charges: If your pets became unwell during their stay, they will be treated by an experience veterinarian as soon as possible. Owners will be responsible for the medical, transportation and feeding and other cost incurred. The owner will also be notified as soon as possible. All veterinary guidance and treatment will be followed in your pets interest.

* Healthy pets: Upon check in, do ensure your pets in good health.


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