Our Recommendation for Veterinarians

Most of the veterinarians in the list are experienced veterinarians – not green horns. Last year, our encounter with some other vets were pretty horrendous and totally disappointing. It is not uncommon to have them doing all the test to later inform you, they cannot do anything about it or we will refer you to a senior veterinarians.

vetI am aware that it takes long years of training and practice to become one. But if you have encountered so many blunders and incidents like us, you would have plenty of doubts of them – that they are only human. Veterinarians are only “HUMAN” like us.

Here are my recommendations:



The Animal Clinic – Sunset Way [Dr Hsu Li Chieh]

You may not like his simple explanations but his advice are usually accurate. His surgery skills are notable.


Joyous Vet – Sunshine Plaza [Dr Grace Heng]

She has done some good work with some of my friend’s small animal.


This number is for emergency cases only.

Emergency constitutes condition that threatens the life of your pet. This number reaches a voice mail. Leave your name, number and the state of emergency of your pet. A vet will contact you shortly. Additional emergency charge applies. All patients who need medical attention must be brought down to the clinic facility.

There is no house call service. This is not a hotline for routine consultation.

Please call 6267 4137 or 6267 4138 during our clinic hours (Mondays to Saturdays –12-5pm and 6.30-9pm, Sundays –12-5pm) for non-emergency enquiries.

EMERGENCY NUMBER: 9351 1334 ER Charges From 0800hr to 2359hr – $230.05 From 0000hr to 0759hr – $306.02 From 1701hr to 1829hr – $107.00 (Applicable only for Mon to Sat excluding Public Holidays / Clinic’s Closure Day)

Namly Animal Clinic – Namly Place [Dr Ling Khoon Hsing / Dr NG Siew Eng]

Both veterinarians do give good sound advice when they feel appropriate.


Allpets & Aqualife Clinic – Seletar [Dr Fredrick Chua/ Dr Bernice Cheng]

One of the few clinics that handles aqualife.



Doctors Beck and Stone (formerly Animal Recovery Veterinary Referral Centre) – Upper Serangoon [Dr Lye]

Seasoned veterinarian with good surgical skills.



They have all been visited by me personally some time during the years of having small animals. This list was created without any financial gain or support from any of them.

NOTE: Please do not ask me why some veterinarian clinics are not in this list.


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