Last week, weather was cold for this place of ours. It been raining cats and dogs like every other day. We even have our poncho ready almost everyday. But for our furry friends, it been like more sleeping than usual. It should not be a bad thing but less movement in the cage is not a good thing either. Do you know bloating and teeth maloccusion are the number one and number two problem in small animals?

So today we are going to cover some pointers to the problem of BLOATING.

How to detect if your chinchilla is not doing well?

  1. Check their behaviors.
  2. Check the poop!

What are the symptoms you should look for?

Abnormal Chinchilla Poop #ppsamm

These pictures of feces are from the same chinchilla.

The one on the left  are irregular shapes, small, brown and slightly soft.
He is not eating by itself and was slightly bloated.He does not move much, siting at the corner of the ledge. Most small animals are good at hiding their symptoms well. So always keep a look our for their behaviour. They could be jumping one minute and the next hour you find that he is dead inside his cage.

What can you do?

Typically, we would recommend a visit to the vetenerian to collect some gut medication. In most cases, the vetenerian would prescibe some lower gut medications to help with the gut movement.

Some of these medication would help to merge all the small bubbles in the digestive system to ease the gas trapped in the digestive system. In the mean time, try to massage the stomach areas a couple of times daily to help to release the gas in the stomach area (small animals have slightly different digestive system from us humans).

For the consecutive 3 days, you would need to feed medications and  probiotics  mixed into the soft food.  Soft food feeding should be about min 30ml daily – if you are feeding it 3X time daily, it would be 10ml each.

Luckily for him, the feces are finally back to normal (big,black, firm) by Day 4.



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