This Week: Whats New?


M.C.B.A. 2017 Novice Show, National Live Animal and Pelt Show
Date: 24-25Mar2017
Place:  4-H Building Auburn, Indiana
Good Luck all!

ARBA Sanctioned Rabbit Show in Malaysia
Saturday, 1 April 2017 – ARBA Sanctioned Rabbit Show & Gathering Malaysian Breeder
Saturday, 15 April 2017 – ACBA Cavy Show
Sunday, 16 April 2017 – DOUBLE ARBA Sanctioned Rabbit Show


Piggy Bank, the 1000 coin turtle in Thailand died. Earlier this month, it underwent surgery due to intestinal issues, veterinarians said. The female green sea turtle, nicknamed “Omsin” or “Piggy Bank,” died of intestinal obstruction that blocked her protein intake. Blood poisoining could also be the cause of death. She had high nickel toxicity which also marred her immune system.The animal had consumed more than 950 coins, which were thrown into her pool by people seeking good luck.

She was about 25 years old.


Along the China-Vietnam border during a routine check by the Guangxi police, the officials noticed some inconsistencies between the cargo load and what was documented on the list. The list submitted did not match the list of boxes in its truck, so they decided to check the contents of the truck. As the officials moved some boxes around they uncovered frozen carcasses of crocodiles. It was disheaterning.

paris guinea pig

You might be thinking what she is holding. Holly Sxxx!

Paris Hilton holding her guinea pigs Chestnut and Coco. She volunteers at her local shelter. Once, she even bought all the bunnies in a pet shop after overhearing a man laugh about feeding rabbits to his snake. Hopefully all of her pets turned up well…hehehe.

delivery child

You always need to start young! This little child helped deliver a sheep.


Sad day!!!

The GOP controlled U.S. Senate just voted 52-47  to allow barbaric hunting tactics such as killing hibernating bear families in their dens — and now the lives of countless animals on 76 million acres of federal wildlife refuges in Alaska are in President Donald Trump’s hands.

Now the government is set to overturn previous U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) regulations that were put in place to protect our wildlife, allowing hunters to lure grizzly bears with food to shoot them at point-blank range. They will be able to legally enter bear and wolf dens to kill mothers and their young cubs and pups.

Hunters will also be allowed to shoot bears from airplanes. Steel-jawed leghold traps and wire snares will be allowed on these national lands.


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