Vaccination of chickens alone ‘not enough to manage bird flu risk’

On Tuesday,  Minister of State for National Development Koh Poh Koon in Parliament, replied to questions about the culling of 100+ chickens in Sungei Api Api Pasir Ris : ” The vaccination of free-roaming chickens is not, on its own, an effective solution in managing the risk of bird flu”

Earlier in the year (January period), the Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA) takes a risk-based approach to managing the bird flu risk by culling more than 100+ chickens in Sungai Api and more free -roaming in Sin Ming area too.

roam chickens.jpg


In current context, wildlife in Singapore share no significant value in current Singapore society. These problem free roaming chickens were reported to cause noise pollution to the population while wild boar in park are deemed safety concern and culled. Even monkeys living in forested areas in catchment areas were not spared.

Even lost dogs,cats and even birds were getting more sympathy in social media sites such as Facebook and Whatapps Chats.

In past years, AVA/NPark also culled more than 600+ macaque annually from the forest areas. Last year, a macaque called Chippy caught the public attention with significant support to be send overseas to Wales santury. Finally it was captured and released to ACRES. No further information of it was provided later by ACRES or AVA later.


Singapore need to rethink their approach on wildlife management before everything is lost for the next generations of Singaporeans. Blaming Malaysia for current bird flu situation in chicken farm to the culling is not dissimilar to a First World country still holding to its Third World thinking. Bravo!




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