The Heat Issue for Chinchillas.

It have been so many years having chinchillas in 24 hours air-conditioning environment. Recently, the loss of my just turning 4 months old chinchilla grower, Haru have passed on due to overheated in her cage. It have saddened many as well as myself.  She was a super active girl since baby. The day this happened was one of days where weather temperature was very warm and the temperature in Aircon Chinchillas Room was raised. The full sister was totally fine as she is much more mellowed and quiet in character.

I have seen many cases of Owners not giving air-conditioning to their Chinchillas and a blowing fan all year round. The Chinchillas could survived and generally their body dehydrated and shedded their thick fur coat to cool themselves. They often have fungus or mites issue along the way if not taken good, proper care in dusting etc. If, they don’t shedded, those will died from heat easily. Many years i have taken care maybe a hundred of them when owners took an vacation. I have observed some physical Changes of a surviving Chinchillas in our humid and hot singapore. Thinking back it saddened me, especially when you see such changing over a long period of years on the same Chinchilla​. I have seen those changes from start living in a non air-conditioning to a air-conditioning environment and then back to non air-conditioning.  And If you have seen those drastic physical changes, I think you will agreed with me that they shouldn’t be available in our tropical climate if you can’t give them their basic living necessity (right temperature n environment) to LIVE. Perhaps to many, it is alright but for me, maybe it is a form of cruelty.

Haru’s mum from top right, 4year old, Hoppy GSC SG Chinchilla show 2015 and Hoppy sis, 11year old Maple and below 4month old Hàzel (Haru full Sis)


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