Getting a new friend for your chinchilla

I recalled when I was a newbie, I wanted to get a friend for my 1st chin.  There isn’t anyone could teach and ask how to bond them at that time. Getting a new friend generally meant buy another one from pet store and they will do that bonding for us. It felt so easy at that time. We happily brought our 1st chin, Ricco and requested for a friend for him and reluntantly left him in the pet store and waited for good news in a or two week’s time. 1-2week later I could remembered, we were so excited when we are called to pick both of them up.  Ricco got a friend! We were pretty shocked to find Ricco looked very exhausted and tired.  We thought he was going to die. We do not know what he have went thru. From that experience, we decided to take the challenge and learn bonding for our 2nd chin with a new friend ourselves and eventually we succeeded. 

We learned many experiences when bonding and understand the characteristics and temperament and read their signs of each of them while bonding of my Chinchillas. Some pairs/trios hit it just right! Whereas some characters and personality just hate each others upside down. Getting them to get use to same scents are as important.  It takes lots of owners endurance and patience to succeed. Pairing is very time consuming to as to consistently keep a watch out when they are in the process of accepting each other. This is a cage I used for pairing with a separator in the middle. I don’t go for wetting off (wetbath) the chins to reduce the smell and dominance of both parties. Stressing them this way is not my recommendation. I always go by the slow method that can easily take weeks to months to success. I hope my tips will help your solo chin find a new friend. 

To simply start off you need

1) A pairing cage (used only small cages).

2) Swope them to stay in each other cage to get use to the scents and presence of each other. It is normal to see urine are sprayed at each other when you started bonding on 1st few days.

3) Cutting whiskers short to reduce dominance. Dust bath constantly in same bathdust together and common ground roaming and car rides together will helps in the process too.

4) Young chins are generally more easier to bond unlike older animals. Older animals have high success to bond with young chins less than a year old. Do note Not all Chinchilllas temperament are compatible. Some chins just love being alone.


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