About me

This is sammi’s blog.
We have been owning chinchillas and guinea pigs since year 2002.
Started as a hobbyist and then into this business where we created ipetsonline.com for all small pet lovers, mainly we focusing on chinchillas, rabbits & guinea pigs.

We feed Mazuri chinchilla pellets for our chinchillas. Mainly USA brands Timothy hay eg. APD, Oxbow to our pets. Occasionally we mixed our hay with orchard grass, wheat hay, oat hay and alfafa hay for variety for them. We feed very little treats and kept them in a 24hrs air-con room.

We used to house them in Acrylic Cages, but now we have learn thru the years and realised that wire cages are more suitable for them.

Here are some pictures of our little furballs.

Very Friendly Mosaic, Momo
Very Friendly Mosaic, Momo
Blocky Standard Grey Girl
Blocky Standard Grey Girl
Standard Grey Male.  He is a USA grade B chin with big face which you dont easily find locally.
Standard Grey Male. He is a USA grade B chin with big face which you dont easily find locally.
This is my sweet gal winnie, and his son Panda.
This is my sweet gal winnie, and his son Panda.
White Mosaic, Snow who loves attention.
White Mosaic, Snow who loves attention.
Quiet Violet wrap Gal.  She have 2 Naughty daughter now.
Beanie, Quiet Violet wrap Gal. She have 2 Naughty daughter now.

My Guinea Pigs from UK.

Our UK Import.  They are feed on Labdiet guinea Pig pellet since we bought them.
Our UK Import. They are feed on Labdiet guinea Pig pellet since we bought them.

And this is my papillion, Spirit. Very naughty but very friendly dog. U see his cheeky face?!

When he is 4-5mth old...
When he is 4-5mth old…
Puppy turn adult
Puppy turned 1 year old adult
Spirit at 3.5 years old
Posing in Feb 2011, “grumpy”


A very painful day on 2 June 2015 around 4pm, our darling, spirit left as due to congestive heart failure at the age 10 year-9 mth old.  Below memory of our favorite pictures taken in 2015.

Spirit with his favorite toy.
New clothes
new year 2015- Spirit wins the game lol.
being a good boy today
grooming in progresss
New harness bought in Japan trip for our dear boy, Spirit.




  1. Hi Sammi, I’m interested to get some chinchilla stuffs but notice that your opening hour for weekdays is until 6.15pm. Is there by any chance that your closing time be extended so that I can make a trip there after my work at 6pm? Thank you.

  2. Interested in buying any nice chin if you need to sell :}.. Your white mo snow is SOOO CUTE!!!!!!
    I hate a lovely Violet girl at home named Ninja :}

    • Hi emma, thank u for your interest in my chins. But I am sorry they are not for sale. I am putting all my adoptions on hold now…sigh

      Today, I just received the another bad news of my guinea pigs adoption. Sadly, none of them have lived more than 3-6mths in their new home. I have to reconsider to find them any more good home.

      • Thats absolutely fine, i understand your concern. I have several pets, includeing a chin, and i would have felt the same. Trusting people with loved pets is a risk.
        If you ever are interested in selling a chin, you can contact me. I’d be happy to have you come over and inspect the environment i could offer 🙂
        Take care


  3. Hi Sammi,

    I’m housing my lil furball in acrylic cage. U mentioned that wire cages are more suitable for them… why is that so?

    • Acrylic cages looks nice and clean to us.

      But in reality,
      it does not ventilate as well as a wire cage even with wire doors and more holes.
      it tends to traps the moisture and ammonia inside the cage.
      (The first is bad for the fur – usually the fur matt out very fast after a dust bath)
      (The second is fatal for their health)
      In addition, when the plastic bits are consumed, it emits chemicals that are fatal to their health.

  4. Hi Sammi,

    Thanks for replying!

    Will their paws be trapped in the holes of wire cage? I read somewhere before that wire cages are not good cos their paws may get trapped in the holes and its not good for them to stand on wires all the time.

    My chin actually has ear infection, its been half a year already and he hasn’t recovered. He can’t hop up and down like other chins so I keep the acrylic cage door open all the time (he doesn’t even jump out).

    • U can used normal Wire cage with a plastic base or can be those cages with pull out tray which the wire mesh below have to be 1/2 inch by 1/2 inch. U will need to have a cooling plate or a granite/marble stone below so they can rest their legs on those areas.

      Why is he not able to hop and jump like other chins?

  5. Ever since he has ear infection, his balancing has not been very good, so he doesn’t jump up and down. He just runs round and round in circles. I bring him to the vet every 2 weeks, tried so many diff types of meds and it still doesn’t seem to improve.

    • Oh I miss out the “ear infections” in your previous reply….
      yup, ear infection is actually fatal and its all depends on the will of the chin to survive. It can get better but does not heal completely.
      which vet did u bring him to?

  6. I brought him to Dr Hsu at The Animal Clinic in Telok Kurau.

    Its been 6 months already. He still has a lot of pus in the ears but at least he can move about now, but he can’t hop high and low.

  7. Hi Tia, hope your chinchilla can get well soon! My chinchilla once had fungal growth on his foot and now he’s recovered.

    Hi ppsamm, may I know what time do you open on weekends? I would like to make a trip to your shop to replenish some chew toys etc. Are your furry pals in the shop? Momo is so cute!

  8. Hi Sammi,

    Bought some stuff from you a few days back, didn’t wake up in time for the delivery so my mum took the stuff instead. I’m the one who lives in Bedok North. Just wanted to say the goods were well-packed with care and my dear pet enjoyed the selection of treats. Thanks!

    P.S: Your blog is like chinchilla wonderland. I like 😛


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