We are back in 2011…..

After my past 3 crazy years managing my busy schedules, we are back in full force for more challenges in year 2011.  We know we can do it better and continue to provide our best services at ipetsonline.com and sharing our pet care knowledge to the new pet owners.

Our pretty ShaSha eating her favourite capsicum.
Hazel and her daughter sharing their food.

Updates: Our cavies are now turning 6 years old.  They are now on Mazuri pellet for guinea pig.  It is a good feed comparable to Labdiet.We do not forget their favorite hay mixed of orchard grass and timothy hay. We also supplement them with veggies eg. capsicum and wheat grass daily. Cleaning day for them? We layed Aspen bedding on top of recycled paper pellet such as Cellsorb and layers of newspaper for easy wrap up and discarded.

Nemo, our 7 year old violet boy standing at his favorite spot.

Updates: We are upgrading our existing Cages to the durable Ferret Nation from USA.  We are in the mid of decorating the cages with natural wood ledges, perches and leaping branches.  Our chinnies loves these spacious cages.  These are the boys’ pictures.  More of our pretty ladies pictures will updates once we have their new cages up .

Our Papillion, Spirit feeling sleepy.....zzz